Non-Climate Controlled Units: A Solid Value

Our Non-Climate Controlled units are especially suited for your everyday items, the ones you’d feel comfortable storing in an outdoor shed, garage, or warehouse. Always a great deal, our units are:


Our units consist of thick, steel walls set on a concrete foundation. They are solid, safe, and secure. You can confidently safeguard your household items, like dishes, pots and pans, bric-a-brac, tools, lawn furniture and equipment, in one of our clean, spacious units. And, our leisure items, like fishing rods and tackle boxes, tennis rackets and balls, jungle gyms and sports equipment, and more, are safe with us, in your “second garage”! We know your own list will surely be unique, so please discuss with our onsite manager the items you’d like to store!


Our units accommodate compact or bulk items, at substantial savings. They can be as small as a closet, as big as a warehouse, or sizes in-between. If you are self-employed, you know coveted commercial space the same size can be very pricey, often prohibitively so. We happily provide owners of small businesses, artisans, tradesmen, and other self-employed customers with units that minimize overhead and maximize profits in a big way! Our units are also ideal for non-profit organizations, needing to store items on strict budgets. For example, our largest units, measuring 10 X 30 feet, cost only $160 per month. Now, that’s a solid bargain!


Our units offer more space for less money. They cost an average of 30 percent less than Climate Controlled units, offering substantial savings for any budget. At A Discount Mini Storage, you can always store more for less. Call, email, or visit to learn about specials and to schedule a tour!