Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Our Climate-Controlled units may be the perfect choice for you, for the temperature’s always perfect inside!

Year-round, we set thermostat in the low 70s. Housed in locked, cinder-block and metal buildings, for an added level of protection, our Climate-Controlled units insulate against the elements and contaminants.

Here are some top reasons you might choose a Climate-Controlled unit at A Discount Mini Storage:

--You wish to store fine furniture, upholstered with natural, biodegradable materials, like leather and cloth.
--You wish to store irreplaceable heirloom furniture and other furnishings.
--You wish to store fine cloth and clothing.
--You wish to store delicate documents like blueprints, x-rays, microfiche, videotapes, computer software, and more.
--You wish to store sensitive evidentiary documents, like court filings, surveillance tapes, computer files, and more.
--You wish to store archival documents like letters, family records, photographs, and more.
--You wish to store musical recordings, like CDs and vinyl albums, and/or musical instruments.
--You wish to store video recordings and/or video equipment.
--You wish to store photography equipment, like cameras, lenses, and other accessories.
--You wish to store electronic equipment, like computers, monitors, printers, and other accessories.
--You wish to store fine art, like paintings, sculptures, and photographs
--You wish to store art tools, materials, and equipment, like brushes, paint, clay, film, and more.

This list is by no means exhaustive—we’ll help you carefully assess your own particular needs. We also realize our Climate-Controlled units do cost a little more, so we’ll also assist you in weighing this extra cost.

The choice is always yours--we’ll never pressure you into renting a Climate-Controlled unit unnecessarily.

At A Discount Mini Storage, Protect and Preserve With Climate-Control!

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